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Mini Cooper Countryman


“The best ad is a good product” – Alan H Meyer

Now I’m not sure who the hell Alan H Meyer is?  Wikipedia says something about South African badminton championship?(Legend!) But whoever this genius is, he’s right!

There is a reason this quote has been following me round like a crack ho in the early hours of Sunday morning.  It’s actually plastered, not like the crack ho, on the wall of our agency. WHAT WHERE MINI THINKING!! Yes I did it, I used two exclamation marks. It was necessary. Really, I think the clue that this was a bad idea was in the name Mini. Why is it that every car nowadays is the small large car. Feels and runs like a motorbike but has enough space to take the Christian family next door with 12 kids to church on Sunday.  Que clever perspective angle shot. Wow aren’t we clever. The best of both worlds!

I don’t blame these guys for making a semi-crap, lets answer the brief in the best way we can ad. I don’t blame the ad agency, Rui, Flavio, Wilson, it’s not your fault. No, No…It’s not your Fault…Iiiiiit’s nooooot your Fauuuult.

Who the hell came up with the idea to produce a normal sized not so mini Mini. The pretends to be a 4×4. A poser 4×4 in a poser mini. Maybe they are trying to capture the poser market?

These guys have actually met the brief, they’ve actually smashed it out the park. Look how much we can fit in this itsy bitsy car. I would love to see the making of this ad. How the hell did they get the Minicamper there. Must have been post production. Also how long would it take to put up a tent that big. Considering that in reality with a tent that big only one person could fit in the car. They’ve killed mini, they given it an identity crises.

I don’t know how to judge this ad, and who am I to judge. I’ve come up with some stupid ideas in my time.That’s why the crack ho’s follow me around. I’m just glad I didn’t come up with this one.(the car) Because this one is going to go down in history.(the car, not the ad)


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