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Vanish: Pickup Sticks

Advertising agency: Euro RSCG, Tel Aviv, Israel
Chief Creative Officer: Ben Sever
Executive Creative Director: Ben Sever
Art Director: Ale Feldman
Copywriter: Oded Nadir
Photographer: Yisrael Cohen
Agency Producer: Dana Caro
Head of Account management: Maya Cohen
Account Executive: Yael Eichenwald
Planner Director: Uri Oren
Planner: Pnina Wiessman

As the 1948 Pick-up Sticks champion. I don’t see what’s so tough about it. MAN I could do this with one hand tied behind my back. You people sit in you cosy little homes. Look over at me with your innocent eyes. You don’t know what it’s like out there. Out there in the real world of Pick-Up Sticks. You don’t know what it’s like to have your best friend dying in your arms. To see the light fade from his eyes. His hands crippled and lifeless. You call this tough! YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT TOUGH IS!

But that being said. You the common man in their cozy little homes, I guess that it could be challenging. Not for me! But I do understand that not everybody has seen and done what I have. For you, yes I believe this truly does propose a problem. Some might even say a tough problem.

So is this doing it’s job. YES! Yes it is. It’s doing it really really well. I’m sure you had to go though the usual hurdles of client saying “But it’s not showing the solution”… “Is this really saying, we make clothes feel prickly?”… “I can’t see what it is?”

Well to you clients I say…shame on you! You come to us with words like “budget, market share, positive solutions, my wife’s says..” WELL I SAY “No! You’re in my world now. You belong to me! You’ll do as i say, My little precious, Bring your wife too… Yes that’s right… White Space… mmmmm… Creative license…Metaphor..yes say it again….Metaphoooooor…METAPHOOOOOOOOOR!”

So yes! Does this ad want me to spiderweb all over my computer. I would say yes ..yes .YEEEEEEESSSSSS!
8 out of 10


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