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Coca-Cola: CokeHands

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Shanghai, China
Chief Creative Officer: Graham Fink
Executive Creative Director: Francis Wee
Art Director: Jonathan Mak Long
Illustrator: Jonathan Mak Long, Eno Jin
Planning: Mark Sinnock
Account: Martin Murphy
Published: April 2012


Is it the right way up? Shouldn’t it be sideways? Where’s the fine print? I can’t see the fine print. It Freaking me out! Where’s the logo! It’s not telling me where to go, what to do. I’m like a dog without a lead. A sheep with out a shepherd. hmmm
oh wait…. I think I’ve seen this before. Oh yes that’s right. I’ve been staring at it for the last three and a half weeks. Perched atop a fellow colleges desk. His muse, his inspiration.  WHAT DOES HE KNOW!

I just asked the misses BernBach “What you think of this?”
“What is it?” she said

“WHAT IS IT! Well you tell me! What do you think, go on, TELL ME, TELL ME What do you see… TELL ME!”
“Well its two hands. Is it a design? Is it a ad? Is it finished?”

“That’s enough…. Go get me my slippers”

What does she know. NOTHING! She’s never known anything. Whatever she thinks she knows, she doesn’t.

“Where’s my SLIPPERS!”

I was once told by a great great man that a design is never finished until you can’t take anything else out. I also read in a book that simpler is better. I was also always told this by my AD back in the day. Over and over again. It’s to complex you need to simplify it. Take that out, get rid of this. Touch me over here, yes that’s right. Harder. Delete this. Just a little harder now. Yes nearly there. Harder. One more thing. BOOOOOM! You have it. In your hands, an ad thats worthy of love juice.  Is this ad worthy of my love juice. Is it literally taking what we’ve learnt over the years to the extreme. Is it actually saying what we the viewer want it to say, because its saying nothing. Or is it saying everything. Is this one of those ads that you will see in a Hey Whipple Squeeze This volume 2000. Is this ad the love child of years of “buy my freaking product, brand the crap out of your city advertising” and an art form that has reached the pinnacle. Think about it. Deep. Think. Deeeeeep. Ssssssssh. Touch me over here.

If you’re still reading this I don’t know what the crap I’m talking about. Please stop reading this. Go on stop. You can do it…DOOOOOO IT!
I think I like this ad. Love juice like. It’s either that or I’m having a flash back of drinking coke. Real coke. Not the fake modern, a little bit of a sugar rush coke. But the old I’m going to get everyone hooked on my drink because it’s actually the best drug in the world coke. I’ll stop now.

“Where’s my SLIPPERS!”
9 out of 10


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