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Australian Defence Force: Cavalry

Advertising Agency: George Patterson Y&R, Melbourne, Australia
Executive Creative Director: Ben Coulson
Creative Director: Chris Northam
Art Director: Paul Meates
Copywriter: Evan Roberts
Producer: Natalie Loveridge
Account Director: Ella Ward
Group Account Director: Julian Bell
Agency Producer: Sam Joy
Retoucher: Electric Art
Photographer: Andreas Smetana
Account managers: Renuka Rajadurai, Claire Minns


Wow never before have I seen such a thing! BOOOOM!  I love ads where you look at something for the first time. I can truly say I have never seen a helicopter with a stampede of sand bulls raging behind it. Formidable. I think the true message is join the army and you’ll see things you’ve never seen before.  LSD, baby! Yes Thats the real message. Join the Army and you can take LSD! What’s the number again? Although with the amount of money spent on these truly awesome visuals I’m not sure the army has anything left from the budget. But who cares!  I for one would rather see more money spent of LSD inspired super expensive 3D graphics that make you say WOW! At least for the first time, then on the second time you can say


YOU NOW WHO YOU ARE! You, the person who strikes first with worlds like “Seen it before!”, “old!” here’s a link to some abstract idea that might resemble this idea if you swap the colours around and reword the headline and oh yes change the image. It’s exactly the same thing! How could you! How lazy!  I can’t wait to say that when I see a stampede of sand bulls again.  A stampede of sand bulls! Wow how do you even sell that in?
I can see it now “well we thinking of having a helicopter and behind it sand…  …but wait! The clincher! The sand is actually a stampede of bulls! BOOOOOM! That’s the Cavalry, YES, old French horsemen, oh wait! No the modern sense of the word that no ones actually knows. Light artillery mobile badasses. ”

But then again if they where pitching it to the army they would all be on LSD, so I guess this would make sense. Love it!  Now if only there was a submarine made of letters…..hmmmmmm

P.S  WARNING: This is an ad for the actual army not a new Xbox game.

7 out of 10


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